Southern States Junior Classics

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a membership required to play on the SSJC?

No. One of the best perks of playing on the SSJC is there are NO MEMBERSHIP FEES! Players will only pay the entry fee associated with each tournament.



How much are the entry fees for each tournament?

Early Bird Pricing - $179 - this discount will be applied to your registration up until 6 weeks out from the event. 

Once Early Bird concludes, entry fees are $199


Siblings can register at a discounted rate if playing in the same tournament. Use code SIB2022 to discount each player's registration $15!


*Registration for the Rocket City Invitational will be closed to allow invitees to register for the first two weeks only. Once those two weeks have ended, ANYONE may register for the Rocket City Invitational.


** There is one event in 2022 which will have a different cost then stated above which is the NB3 JGNC Central Florida Qualifier. The entry fee associated with this event is $299.



When does registration open?

Registration for all SSJC events ARE NOW OPEN! Once registration has opened, players can register for an Early Bird price of $179. The Early Bird pricing will be in effect up until 6 weeks out from the tournament start date.


Once Early Bird has concluded, the remaining weeks until the tournament begins will cost $199.



How can I register to play?

New players will need to create a new account. You can do so by clicking here. Once you have created an account, you will be able to select the tournament(s) you would like to play and check out once you’re finished.


Already have an account? Login to your account by clicking here.



Will I receive a registration gift at each tournament?

SSJC will offer a variety of different gifts for players at every tournament.



How can I retrieve my login information if I misplace it?

Please email us at if you cannot login to your account.






What Are the Age Divisions & Yardages I can expect at an event?

All SSJC Events:


  • Boys 16-18 – 6,600 – 6,800 yards
  • Boys 14-15 – 6,600 – 6,800 yards
  • Boys 12-13 – 5,600 – 5800 yards
  • Boys 10-11 – 5,000 – 5,100 yards


  • Girls 16-18 – 5,600 – 5,800 yards
  • Girls 14-15 – 5,600 – 5,800 yards
  • Girls 12-13 – 5,000 – 5,100 yards
  • Girls 10-11 – 4,300 – 4,500 yards


NB3 JGNC Central Florida Qualifier:

  • Boys 14-18 – 6,600 – 6,800 yards
  • Boys 13 & Under – 5,600 – 5,800 yards
  • Girls 14-18 – 5,600 – 5,800 yards
  • Girls 13 & Under – 5,000 – 5,100 yards



Where can I view the yardages for each tournament?

To see projected yardages, visit each Tournament Information Page within the schedule. You will then click on divisions on the icon bar which will bring you to the hole-by-hole yardage projected for the tournament. These yardages may change before each round depending on weather or course conditions.


When playing a practice round, it is useful for a player to follow the projected yardages when out on the course vs playing a certain tee color.



Are There Formal Practice Rounds Scheduled?

SSJC does not setup practice rounds for players. All players will need to call the golf course on their own to setup their practice round at their convenience. Ask the golf course for the junior rate or the SSJC rate as it is discounted at most golf courses.



Is the Practice Round Included in the Tournament Fee?

The entry fee for the event does not include the practice round.



How will I know which tees I will be playing for the tournament?

The starter on the starting tee before each round will tell you what tees you will be playing from. This will also be posted on the Notice to Competitor which will be provided to you either digitally, physically (printed on paper) or both.



Can I caddie for my player?

All age divisions are allowed caddies at all SSJC events and are optional. All caddies must be designated prior to the player’s first tee shot. A player cannot add or change caddies during the round. To view the full SSJC Caddie Policy, please click here.


* There is one event in 2022 which will not allow caddies for all divisions, that is the NB3 JGNC Central Florida Qualifier. Caddies for this event will only be allowed for the Boys 13 & Under and the Girls 13 & Under.



What exemptions does the SSJC offer?

For more information on exemptions and how our tournaments can benefit you, click here.


Additionally, each tournament information page within the schedule will have "What's At Stake" for that specific tournament so each player is aware of what they are playing for before going into the tournament.



Do I need to submit a Proof of Birth before playing in an SSJC event?

We do not require submission of birth certificates or anything of the like. We trust families will fill out the account information 100% correct. If there is an error, please contact us immediately so we can correct it. Please ensure all cell phone numbers, email addresses, contact info, graduation years, etc are accurate so you can stay up to date with news, weather updates while at a tournament, Early Bird pricing and more!



Can I Play up Into a Division?

Yes, please email SSJC at to request approval to move up an age division.



Can I play in the Boys and/or Girls 10-11 division if I am not 10 years old?

If your son or daughter is not 10 years old yet and would like to play in an SSJC event, parents are required to email for approval. If a player who is younger than 10 would like to play in an SSJC event, playing 18 holes in consecutive days (36 total), playing at the required yardage listed on the Tournament Information Page, maintaining pace of play, and playing without a stroke limit is a good guideline to go by before making a decision.



Is There a Limit of Tournaments That Any Player Can Play on the SSJC?

No, you can play as many as you want.




The Rules of Golf as approved by the United States Golf Association and The R&A govern play. These Local Rules and Terms of the Competition are in effect at all Southern States Junior Classics events. Any modifications or additions to these Local Rules and Terms of the Competition can be found on the Notice to Competitors given to each player prior to the start of each event.



Will Every SSJC Event be ranked?

You will find rankings and What’s At Stake under each tournament on the Tournament Information Page within the schedule.



Is There a Stroke Limit?

There are no stroke limits for the Boys 16-18, Girls 16-18, Boys 14-15, Girls 14-15, Boys 12-13, Girls 12-13 and Boys 10-11 while playing on the SSJC. There is however a Ten-Shot Rule for the Girls 10-11 age division only.


Ten Shot Rule

Girls 10-11 age division ONLY: A player shall take no more than 10 strokes on a hole. Once 10 is reached, the player must pick up their ball and wait for fellow-competitors to complete the hole.


Disqualification Policy

Girls 10-11 age division ONLY: No player will be disqualified for inadvertent violations of the Rules of Golf. Instead, a score of 10 will be applied to any hole where the infraction would normally lead to disqualification. In situations where the round or hole has been completed, the score of 10 will apply to the last hole played or to the hole where the infraction which could lead to disqualification occurred.

Exceptions: A player or caddie may be disqualified for willful violations of the rules of golf, code of conduct violations, unauthorized use of electronic devices or tobacco/alcohol and any other violation the Tournament Director and SSJC Committee members deem a serious violation. 



Do You Allow Pull Carts on the SSJC?

Pull carts are allowed during tournament play unless the course does not allow pull carts. The field will be notified if this is the case.


The SSJC does not provide pull carts while at events. Players and families are responsible for bringing their own. Players are encouraged to call the golf course ahead of time if they need a pull cart as not all golf courses supply them.


If any player has a medical condition and needs to use a motorized cart, this will need to be approved by the SSJC staff which can be done by emailing


At some courses, the SSJC staff and volunteers will do their best to shuttle players from hole to hole as some walks may be long. SSJC encourages all players and staff to use caution when doing so as safety is the number on concern. Players are recommended to strap in the pull cart to the golf carts vs. pulling it behind them. The SSJC will not be held responsible for any pull carts that are damaged while shuttling on the golf course.  



Are There Distance Measuring Devices Allowed at SSJC events?

Yes, SSJC allows players to use distance measuring devices at events as long as they do not measure slope and are in accordance with the USGA Rule 4.3. A SSJC staff member can check any players measuring device at any point in time during the round if the device has the additional function of measuring slope. Cell phones and smart watches are not permitted to be used as distance measuring devices.



What are the withdraw/refund policies?

To view the withdraw and refund policies, please click here.



What are the weather policies?

To view the weather policies, please click here.



What are the spectator policies?

To view the spectator policies, please click here.



How Do I Know a Tournament Is Full?

The software will not allow you to register online and a ‘Full’ will show on the schedule/registration page.



If a tournament is full, can I be placed on a Waiting List?

If a tournament is full and you would like to be placed on a waiting list, please email the SSJC staff at to reserve your spot. This does not cost any money to be placed on a waiting list. Once/if a spot comes available, the Tournament Director will contact you directly before charging the entry fee for your registration. Once contacted by the Tournament Director, you have 24 hours to respond before your spot is forfeited to the next player on the waiting list.