Southern States Junior Classics

Points System

Tour points are earned at each event throughout the 2022 season beginning with the SSJC Music City Challenge at Franklin Bridge and ending with the SSJC Alabama Championship at Lakewood.


Players will earn points by finishing in the Top-5 positions (including ties) at each event, for each division. These points will go towards the SSJC State Championship Standings and will go to overall points standings for the Race to Coushatta.



Competing for SSJC State Championship

Players competing for the state championships will earn points towards the state in which the tournament is hosted.


The four events leading up to the finale within each state will be 1.0x multipliers for the top-5 positions. The State Championship will award 2.0x points (double the points) for the top-5 positions. Each division will crown a SSJC State Champion once the final event of each state has concluded.


To view the current SSJC Points Standings for the 2022 season, click here.



The Race to Coushatta

The overall boys’ & girls’ points leader across all divisions & states will earn a free exemption into the 2022 Notah Begay III Junior Golf National Championship airing on Golf Channel.


Players can gain points from within any division and from competing at any of the 20 events. The boy and girl who gain the most points at the end of the 2022 season will earn the free exemption directly to the 2022 NB3 JGNC.



Points Breakdown

First Place – 20 points

Second Place – 14 points

Third Place – 10 points

Fourth Place – 8 points

Fifth Place – 6 points




Playoff winner for 1st place in a division will receive all first place points.


All other position ties within the division will split points evenly.


If a player ages out of a division during the SSJC season (March thru October), player will only receive SSJC State Champion consideration for the oldest age division competed in during the season. If becoming an SSJC State Champion is the goal, players should consider ‘playing up’ one age division in the SSJC season events prior to the birthday which moves player up to older division.